About Me
"Strive to be better. Strive to be more.
Strive to be amazing."

Majority of my life has been based in United Arab Emirates, Dubai. I left to study Mechanical Engineering in Scotland where I consider home, Dubai.

Graduating as a Mechanical Engineer has helped me to understand the mechanics of how things work. After pursing a career with a contracting company, I eventually moved on to work in the world of Marketing.

As a start up founder of an e-ticketing website, ClockOff, we managed to build a sophisticated platform helping users discover Dubai's nightlife. Startups is a great way to learn and understand a 360 overview of how the real world operates.

I moved on from the world of startups to help project manage a luxury car brand, Jaguar. Valued at $1.2 million, our team was had to execute events across the GCC countries where we had been awarded 'Best Practice' by UK's Global Office.

After a successful event, I have always had an interest in content creation. YouTube was a base to help me learn how to create content. I am now proud to say, our show 'Guy in Dubai' can now be viewed next time you fly on Emirates Airline.

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